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Lighting and the HDR process:

Lighting is the most difficult aspect of successful photography.  The correct use of flash and other artificial means of lighting is a costly undertaking that even the most skilled photographer struggles with, and often produces subpar results.

By using the natural light available, and manually combining three to five exposures into one photo, my photographs accurately represent what the human eye sees.  The resulting photograph highlights areas that are in shadow and mutes overexposed areas such as the view through windows.

“but ah, my foes, and oh, my friends -- it gives a Lovely Light!”


                                                                                            -Edna St. Vincent Millay



The Photographer:

I have always put a priority on experiencing all that nature has to offer, both on land and at sea.  I was drawn to photography by my desire to capture what I was seeing.  As I cultivated my photo taking and editing skills, I began to expand my subject matter.  Architecture, real estate and portrait photography have provided a unique and challenging experience that I find extremely rewarding. 

The Photo Shoot:

I work hard to tailor the requirements of the project to my client's needs.  I am committed to delivering the absolute highest quality product. Whether you want to sell a home or boat, want to document major construction, or need an aerial survey, you can be confident that I will deliver to you a beautiful result, without complications.

I will deliver the edited photos to you within 48 hours.  You will receive an email link to my drop box, where you will find two folders for download: one with the full size pictures, another with the pictures scaled to size for easy uploading to the MLS.

I am available to take photos of your listings on short notice. I can work with you to provide the best marketing material possible.

Consider Harbor Photo LLC for your next listing, or to add to, or improve upon, your current property listings.

I’m looking forward to helping you to showcase your property. 

Harbor Photo is a Limited Liability Company based in Yarmouth, Maine
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